I woke up lucky today. How about you?


I woke up lucky today and was blessed to see the beauty in the world. I understand that no matter how bad things may look, the rest of the world moves forward as it should and with or without me everyone goes about their own lives. But I can make an impact and make a difference however so small to make a mark on today, on someone's life, that is all that matters...

 Persian Medium; I Am Power

The Negative Presence of Fear and How to Shine Your Positive Light

Regardless of our own mind state, there will always be negativity around us. Especially when we watch the news and there are more people on earth than ever, it seems like disasters and terrible occurrences are increasing. 

In the past, when it came to bad news, things were localized, and reporting wasn’t anything like it is today. This has kept the global negativity, and its negative spiritual and frequency impact, at bay.

The level of access and frequency to media is at a boom, with information coming through television, satellite, telephones, tablets, radio, social media, you name it! What happens in one spot of the globe, with any kind of significance, is known and felt around the world in lightning speed.

Being constantly inundated with bad news can't possibly be healthy, especially if you are not taking care of your mind to be able to process all these things and allow you to remain positive and focused on good. 

What is the ultimate consequence of fear?

Fear doesn't just have one bad outcome. It breeds defensiveness, it breeds anger, and it breeds hatred. When we are angry sms scared, we are not open and not allowing our light to shine. We are closed off from others and from spirit. When there is fear, there is darkness. 

How can you combat fear?

Billions are afraid. Can the tens of thousands of people who exude peace and light counter that? All we can do is stay positive, exude our own light and keep focused on not getting drawn into the drama. 

Think about every situation you hear on the news which causes you fear. What is your initial reaction? Most people will react in anger, or worse: apathy! Don't let this happen to you. Let your light shine!

Always open your heart and know that things can only get better when we help one another. When we combat fear with love. We all have the power in us, but people try to shut it down. Use affirmations daily to remember your positivity and that you are a vessel of love and light. 

If you're looking to tune into your positive spirit, call me for a reading to help you find your own power!

Cutting Energy Cords: The Healing Power of Letting Go

Oftentimes during readings for my students and clients, I witness a draining of energy from many different sources. Sometimes it's someone they can't let go of. Sometimes it's negative and toxic friends or even family members. I tune into these psychically, but as much as I can tell you what is draining your life force, it is in your power to cut the cords that bind you to them. 

Are you aware of the cords of which I speak? Were you aware that there are invisible cords that connect to energy to people or things? Unless you mediate and actively sever these lines, they will remain connected to you and continue to drain you. 

You cannot get rid of something if you are not even aware that exists. With a reading with me, I can help you learn what cords are tied to you. Whether it's from an ex partner, a co-worker, a friend, or family member. 

These cords keep you tied to unhealthy emotions and energy from the past; things that no longer serve you. Until you consciously let them go, you are unable to free yourself and move forward to your full potential.

 Are you ready to release yourself and cut the cords? Meditation is your key. If you would like to release these energy cords, then practicing the following meditation will help you. You can either read it and get an idea how it works and then do it on your own, or you can tape record the following and play it back to walk yourself through the meditation. You can try doing this exercise as you lie in bed and drift off to sleep at night.

The most important thing to remember when starting a meditation is to be in a state of personal peace.

Follow my meditation when you are ready: Breathe in deeply. Take several deep breaths. With every exhale, imagine that you are releasing toxic energy and negativity. When you breathe in, picture that each new breath is new, fresh, and clean energy full of light and enlightenment. Breathe it deeply into your longs. Breath by breath.

Next, focus on feeling every part on your body. Feel your fingers to the toes. Imagine that every part of your body is working exactly as it is meant to. 

Now, feel all the cords of energy that are connected between you and others. Surround yourself with the universal white light.

Are you ready now? Cut the cords. Cut the cords the no longer serve you. You can cut them with a knife you envision, or scissors, or a tool you prefer. Alternatively, you can ask for help from the Archangel Michael. Imagine him cutting the cords with his mighty sword. Imagine all those, unnecessary cords surrounding your body, your legs, your back, your arms, being severed. If you ask for help, be sure to give him thanks for the assistance you receive.

Whenever you cut a cord, do so with love, as anger will not help you. While cutting the cords, cut them with love. Anger will not help you here. 

For as long as you need, spend time cutting and releasing all the lines from your heart to the outside world. You will be able to feel this happen, it may even be such a peaceful meditation that you fall asleep. 

This meditation should be done regularly to make sure you are light and carrying no burdens or toxic energies of others that bring you down. 

Remember, letting go - with love- will heal you of the energy drain.