Harness the Power of Today's Eclipse and Manifest Your Dreams

Everything you want and desire can be yours if you harness the power of today's solar eclipse. Behold the spectacular and sacred nature of the planet we inhabit -- does it not put things in perspective for you? This event reminds us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. The world we live in and the things we do are connected.

You have sense the awe of the spectacular event, and feel wonderment from it all, but remember that this is a call to us about our relationship with the universe we inhabit.

So now is the time for you to shift your energy! Shift your consciousness and be receptive to everything the power of this time can bring. Invite deeper meaning to your life, and reflect on the significant interplay of darkness and light in what may otherwise be our ordinary lives.

What do you wish to manifest today? WHILE THE ECLIPSE IS HAPPENING, FOCUS ON THESE STEPS:

  • Bring attention to your deepest self. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and allow it to flow through you. Shift your thinking toward gratitude, and remember that breath happens without any effort. Simply receive it and focus your heart. 


  • Enter into the center of your soul and begin to experience your heart, body, and mind. Pay attention to the feelings that come to you, the sensations that enter your landscape, and all the thoughts that may come forward. Allow them to come and do not judge. Remain centered in this space, and explore it with curiousity and love. 


  • When you have fully entered a place of grounding, allow the gradual, ecliptic movement of the moon over the sun to join your state of awareness. Think about the experiences  in your life when light has been temporarily eclipsed by darkness, and allow those to also enter your space of awareness. Hold your experiences with gentlesness and with compassion.


  • Do you feel ready? Ready to invite your growth, your challenges, and your past through to reveal themselves? Focus your intentions to embody this spiritual wisdom in your daily life.


  • Reflect on how you might meet future times of darkness eclipsing light with the spiritual wisdom you now embody. Embrace these cycles of natural light and darkness that are natural to our daily lives, and come to peace with the cycle.  Meet in wholeness is a path to spiritual maturity, love, healing, and continual growth along your endless and wondrous journey. 

If you wish to meditate further and need a guide, a spiritual reading with me on Keen will allow you to bring forth your intentions and how to lay the groundwork for your better future ahead. Call or chat with me today, and we will uncover all the deeper meaning you need to be successful in your dreams, your hopes, and each and every one of your desires! The power of today is yours!!!

Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Esteem?

Not all relationships are created equal. Some of them, we find, can increase or decrease our self-esteem. If they're healthy, then you should feel rejuvenated and the best version of yourself. When it comes to entering a relationship, you should always be in a place of healthy self-esteem, and aim for a positive relationship that only elevates you and your feeling of self-worth and wellbeing. 

Very often, I speak to clients who have lost sense of themselves in their relationships. They are feeling low, and unable to lift themselves up-- with no support from their partner to elevate them as well. Our partners should support us, allow us to be ourselves. Self-esteem is not meant to be beaten down in a relationship, to the point of non-existence. 

To a larger degree, we're responsible for our own self-esteem. When we are adults, it's up to us alone to surround ourselves with positive, nurturing relationships that allow us to keep our feeling of self-worth high. Our willingness to tolerate and accept things  in our relationship is our own responsibility. It will always be our choice-- never forced. We are not in control of how people treat us once we let them into our lives, but we are in control of whether they stay in our lives or not.

It's eternally true that if you are unable to love yourself, then there is just no way you are going to be able to love anyone else. You should love yourself as you love others.  If you really think you are worthy of someone else’s love, how can you be so unlovable to yourself?  It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Many of my clients ask me during my psychic readings if the person they love is right for them. This is a question I can answer of course, but it is disheartening at times, as a client should be able to know this deep within their souls. 

You can’t be happy in a relationship with someone when your self esteem is at zero. It would be better to ask the psychic reader if the dynamics of your relationship can change so your self esteem (and happiness) can rise to higher levels.

All people in our lives affect our self-esteem, but this is more true for our romantic relationships. Do not wait around any longer if you notice your self-worth diminishing-- take action and get to the core of the problem. Call me for a psychic reading so I can guide to understand how dynamics of your relationship are affecting you-- and how to TAKE ACTION and GET YOUR POWER BACK. 

Life Coaching on Your Spiritual Path

A spiritual path isn't only about angels and rainbows. A spiritual path means you practice every day to live peacefully, with confiedence, grounding, and a healthy heart mind and soul. It involves a recognition of personal growth and development, with the focus on the self and the removal of negative blocks and other elements of negativity.  

To live a spiritual life, involves a great deal of acountability. It involves asking yourself tough questions, even if they are hard to face. Living on a spiritual path, you try to remember that you can shape your life how you want, with the future all in your hands, just based upon your thoughts and actions. This is a job that is the individual's.

However, you are not going this alone. On your journey, psychics and intuitive life coaches like myself can offer you the support and insight you need when you are facing challenges. We aren't all perffect, and can sometimes slip on being accountable to ourselves. When you speak to me, I can help you recognize where you're struggling and help you find ways to maximize your potential in different areas of your life. 

Just as I do as a psychic medium, my work as a life coach means I carry many tools, many spiritual at the core, to help you reach whatever your goals are.

As my student, you are responsible for choosing to accept my guidance and expertise in a way that best suits you and your needs, but when we keep an open mind, I can help light your path.

Call me today or chat with me on Keen so I can help you reach whatever your dreams are. I am here to help you.