Spring Equinox is All About New Beginnings

Let's celebrate the Spring Equinox today, March 20. It is the first day of Spring. The sun's position is directly over the Earth's equator. All things are equal as day is the same length as night.

Spring Equinox is also called Vernal Equinox which is Latin for "of spring" and "equal night." Whatever you choose to call the first day of Spring let's enjoy Mother Nature as she begins to bloom all around us in luscious colors.

The Sun shifts into pioneering Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on the day of the Spring Equinox. It is a natural time for us to emerge from the constraints and darkness of winter. As Goddess Gaia nurtures us with her vivid blooms we too burst forth into new beginnings with joy.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings are here and now as we begin the season of Spring. Whether it is a new season in our life or we are simply focused on living in the here and now moment, let's begin anew.

Everyday is a new day, a new opportunity to begin again. In order to do so you need to let go of the past. With new beginnings we embrace all that is possible today.

All we have is this moment and our breath. The breath is life, the life of spirit within us ever calling out for new beginnings again.

How to Release the Past and Find Love in the Present


Take a moment and stop your thoughts in this very moment. Before coming to my blog post, where were your thoughts? Can you step back even further, maybe an hour ago, and remember what you were thinking? The reason I’m asking this question is fairly simple: if you can clearly follow your trail of thought, then you probably have a good grasp of the present. You are in control of your mind, your emotions, and your thinking. If you weren’t able to answer this question, then very likely you’re in a whirlwind of thought, with memories and stories flying past, distracting you from living fully in the present moment.

Our past, our regrets, and people and moments that we cannot forgive keep us from being able to let go. We can hold on to hurt for so long. So long, in fact, that we lose millions of precious moments and opportunities to feel joy, happiness, peace, and love. So why are we so tempted to hold on?

It’s time to let go. Here’s how.


I tell my clients all the time that their thinking CONTROLS their reality. Just read my book! I will tell you everything. You need to snap yourself back to awareness when you see your thoughts carrying you away with them. We all do this, too. We lie in bed, with thousands of worries causing us the inability to sleep. Make it a practice to stop yourself as often as you can and gain control of your compulsive thoughts. Take a look around, take a deep breath, take in what you see, feel, and hear, and remember that you are in control.


People who cultivate thankfulness are happier and healthier than those who don't. Look all around you and behold the majestic beauty of this earth, this life, of our consciousness. The fact that you are breathing is a blessing in itself. Count your blessing every day and never forget to give thanks.


Forgive others, forgive yourself. Forgive things that cause you pain. Forgive the people that have hurt you. Close your eyes and think of someone or something that still causes you pain. Repeat “I love you” over and over. Imagine yourself giving love to them, and seeing them for what they are: another person in pain, with the same worries, hopes, and dreams. We are all human. We suffer when we hold onto the past, so let it go and find some relief. Let go of the harsh thoughts. 

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How to Stay Grounded this Holiday Season

Oh, yes! It’s the season of joy… and lots of oy! With so many obligations and events spinning around us, it’s easy to get lost in the fast pace of the holidays. Many of my clients call me during the holidays seeking help in staying sane and grounded (it’s easy to lose our minds if you don’t take some moments to center yourself). I have some tips for you to help you maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit during this time—and how to fully immerse yourself and enjoy connecting with family and celebrating.

1. Keep your body nourished

Overindulging can be easy during this time of year, but keep in mind that moderation is crucial to staying mindful and taking good care of yourself.

  • Don’t -- indulge in over-drinking, or stressing over things you can’t control
  • Do -- indulge in baths, nourishing foods, relaxing tea, and lots of water

2. Keep your mind nourished

No need to place undue pressure on yourself by adding something new to your wellness routine. Consistency is key, so choose one thing and try to stick with it.

  • Don’t -- focus on negatives, or be combative with people and situations beyond your control
  • Do -- get into nature, meditate, get as much sleep as possible, and exercise to dispel stress

3. Give yourself TLC

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed during the holidays, so it’s important to set up boundaries for yourself. Setting up these boundaries will allow you space to practice self-compassion and allow yourself to get that much needed tender loving care.

  • Don’t – say yes out of feeling obligated
  • Do – say yes only to the things you want to do, that you know will make you feel happy and not compromise yourself

4. Practice Remaining Present

Being centered, focused, and at peace is a practice of the mind. There are simple things you can do as a practice to find peace anywhere, at any moment in time.

  • Do -- close your eyes, focus on and feel your breath, smile, and set positive intentions.

A little bit of mindfulness this holiday season will go a long way. Remember that you are ALWAYS in control of your emotions, and therefore, whatever your intention is, you have the POWER to make it happen.

As always, even a brief call or chat with me on Keen can help you gain this power over your own mind and soul. I’m happy to work with you and make this season, and the next year your very best yet! Happy holidays! 

Gratefulness as a Spiritual Practice


If you want to achieve balance, then you need a spiritual practice in your life. And with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I think it is a perfect time that we discuss GRATEFULNESS. 

Being grateful every day is one of the most powerful changes you can make in your life, to help you make positive things manifest before you.

If you want to reach the path of gratefulness in your every day life, it's time you slowed down and paid attention. Take time to look around you. Count your blessings. It may seem very simple, but counting your blessings is a form of deep, contemplative prayer. Being in the present moment, aware of all the majesty in front of you, is a foundation of spirituality. Be thankful of the universe for taking care of you: be thankful for your health, the health of your loved ones, nature, and all the wonderful things in your life. When you practice this kind of gratitude, you remind yourself your connection with the divine. 

Becoming a grateful person, and walking the path of gratefulness, allows you to live a more open, loving life, and gives you the space to enjoy the presence of everything around you. Teach yourself and remind yourself to everyday celebrate and bask in the small joy's around you: quality time with loved ones, delicious meals, a garden growing in your backyard, music playing. Reflect daily on these gifts, and embrace your capacity to enjoy these things. When you do this... you begin to live and walk the spiritual path of gratefulness. And quickly, you'll see positive change manifest in your life each and every single day.

I love helping people reach this state of hapiness and prosperity, and can help you on your own journey. Call or Chat with me at any time (I'm always available to help you!) and begin reaching your own POWER!

Finding Your Passion and Living Your Purpose

Whether you believe it or not, I'm here to tell you that each and every one of us on this earth have a purpose and a path of our own to walk. It may be fulfilled in different ways... maybe through your career, or building a family, or giving back to your community through volunteer and philanthropic efforts. A million things on this earth and with certainty you have a brilliant purpose that is all your own.

And it's time you find it. Are you ready to find it? 

Finding what your purpose in life is comes from scoping out your passions. What is it that really sets your soul on fire? What brings a type of joy in your life that leaves you with a smile on your face that travels to the depths of your heart? Do you love building things? Do you love singing, or cooking for friends? Maybe you enjoy teaching a craft to others. Again, there is no right or wrong answer. The key to living your best life is when you are able to live your life of passion. 

And it doesn't have to be just one thing. As humans on this earth, there may be many things that truly bring us joy and we can consider our passion. Your life is meant to be experienced fully, and that means you don't need to limit yourself here. You can embrace all that life has to offer. Try things and find what really makes you happy. Look for that fire. Therein will lie your path to live doing what you love, instead of being forced to love what you do.

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